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Matchino™ is a free to play match-3 mobile game of strategy, utilizing elements of poker and unique level crafting to create a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience.

Advance across the campaign map- reach the top of the New York City skyline, race horses at the racetrack, find the middle-ground in Congress, and more. Explore landmarks, expose in-game secrets and hidden levels, and discover small towns, new challenges, and the rewards they bring along the way.

Every match matters when it comes to MATCHINO™!

Fact Sheet

Release Date

January 17th, 2019

Game Rating

T for Teen (ESRB)

PEGI 12 (EU)

IARC 12+


iOS (delayed)


Key Features

Match-3 Meets Poker


MATCHINO offers a unique gameplay experience from other Match-3 puzzle games. Spin the card wheel and select your playing card to increase your score and reward haul by getting match and multiplier bonuses.

Compete with Friends


Log into Facebook and compete directly against your friends and family. Send out invites or challenge them to a match.

Explore New Locations


Explore the big city and the small town with customized level gameplay and artwork catered to the real world local culture and landmarks of that location.

Play Mini-Games


Scratchers are available as an in-game reward. Earn higher level rewards by playing the scratcher mini-games, available in several varieties.

Discover Hidden Levels


Earn an Ace Card and unlock new, hidden levels of gameplay. Collect them all to unlock a rare achievement!

Additional Information

Check out the in-game locations for a city or town near you!

Major Cities:

New York City, NY

Atlantic City, NJ

Washington DC

Chicago, IL

St Louis, MO

Memphis, TN

New Orleans, LA

Las Vegas, NV

Los Angeles, CA

Small Towns/Cities Featured:

Tom's River, NJ

Wilmington, DE

Towson, MD

Lynchburg, VA

Charleston, WV

Louisville, KY

Bloomington, IL

Cape Girardeau, MO

Greenville, MS

Natchez, MS

Lafayette, LA

Monroe, LA

El Dorado, AR

Lawton, OK

Hesperia, CA

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Emmersion Studios LLC


Studio Director - Sam Azzarano Artist - Rose Davis Programming - Thomas Symalla Audio/Music Design - Lane Young