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Large Update Coming Soon


Matchino™ is soon to be on the receiving end of a very large app update. The version 1.175 patch will include bug fixes, gameplay tweaks, credit re-balancing, and more.

Please stay tuned for more information as we prepare to roll out this update to our community.

Matchino™ Launches


Two days ago, we submitted Matchino version 1.000 to the Google Play Store and the App Store. Today, we're pleased to announce that after some delay, Google has listed Matchino as available for public download on the Play Store.

*A letter to the community has been added to the press release page.

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New Beta Update


A new update is being rolled out to Matchino players who are participating in the beta test. This update takes care of several bugs and also includes a gameplay alteration which was made due to tester feedback. 

Thank you to all of our testers thus far for your great feedback!

Beta Report: Jan '19


First, a special thank you to everyone that has tested the Matchino Beta so far. Your feedback has been critical to helping us get our app ready for official release.

We have identified a number of bugs and glitches that will be resolved in the next update we send out prior to v1.000 launch.

Version Information

Beta Announcement


Emmersion Studios is opening up Matchino™ beta testing to interested members of the press and public on January 9th. 

DevBlog Update


A new entry in the DevBlog has been added by Matchino™'s composer and audio designer, Lane Young, entitled "Game Sounds: Music in Motion". 

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Press Release Notice


A new press release has been made public. 

Click below now to search our press release page.

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New Trailer Released


A teaser trailer for the new mobile game Matchino™ is now available. 

Please click the link below to watch it.

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Progress Report: Nov '18


November has been a busy month, as new sections, like the game's tutorial and scracher mini-game experience have been added or tweaked. UI implementation, tiered rewards system, and ad experience have been the key focus. Marketing blitz preparations have begun as we near launch day!

Stay tuned for more information, shortly!

Special Update: Nov '18


As a result of internal quality control standards, we have decided to postpone the release of Matchino™. This decision has not been taken lightly, but out of concern for the quality of the game we are releasing for our players. 

*A letter to our community has been added to the press release page.

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Progress Report: Oct '18


October has been an incredibly busy and productive month for the Matchino™ DevTeam. UI design finalization and implementation has been completed en masse, and core gameplay has undergone a full rebuild. Level designs have been completed, music is being finalized, and sound effects are completed. 

Stay tuned for more information!

DevBlog Update


A new entry in the DevBlog has been added by Matchino™'s game artist 

Rose Davis, entitled "The Artist & The Startup". 

See more below!

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Matchino Beta Signup



The launch date for the new mobile game Matchino approaches. If you're interested in testing out the beta copy of Matchino, please click on the button below.

Beta Signup

Progress Report: Sept '18


Matchino development has seen success in clearing internal hurdles. Points of contention over UI & stage 1 map design have been resolved. Social networking has been completed, bugs have been squashed, and the team remains committed to the release date.

DevTeam Expansion!


Lane Young, graduate of Temple University's School of Music, and owner/operator of Lane Young Music, an audio design studio, has signed on to compose the music for Matchino, as well as develop sound effects for the game.

We think it's a great match!

Progress Report: Aug '18


Matchino development has been moving ahead as planned, with the development team clearing key internal hurdles and pressing forward for outside testing during the current month. Social network functionality and level implementation is currently nearing the halfway mark, with the heavy mechanical programming work now behind us. 

We hope to soon have our teaser trailer available very soon.

Matchino is a match-3 mobile game of strategy, utilizing elements of poker and unique level crafting to create a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience.